From the album REMEMBER ME

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Oh, they tell me of a home far beyond the skies, oh they tell me of a home so far away; yes, they tell me of a home where dark clouds can’t rise, oh they tell me yes, they me, of a uncloudy day.
I can still here Sis. Hopkins sing that song,” Uncloudy Day.” And this little part of this gospel song the choir sang when I was a young pk whipper snapper will forever be imprinted on my mind.
My song is a glimpse inside my soul and how I’m gonna celebrate once I arrive in Glory. Yes, I want to see Jesus yes, I want to see Him face to face yes, I want to see love ones that have went on home before me yes, I’m looking forward to singing in the heavenly choir and I can’t wait to thank The Father for his grace and mercy of course, I’m looking forward to being able to worship Him forever; but first I just want to walk around. Walk around the city the streets I heard is paved with pure gold as transparent as glass, look at the mansion created just for me, count each of the twelve pearl gates and hug each angel at each gate. I want to see the outside wall made of jasper, with each foundation decorated with every kind of precious stone. I want to see what light looks like without the sun; I just wanna walk around heaven all day.